Desafio #3- Traducción

Which letter was the most convincing? How important was the price? How important was the added value? Assuming you hadn’t seen the translations, which company would you choose?
Price wasn’t a big factor. You already presented me with a range so anything within it was going to be fine. Our biggest concern was accuracy, and with you overseeing the project, I was confident that all the options would be correct.
As far as rating the letters, that was tough! I seriously think this has been the hardest project I’ve worked on all week!
The first two stated their backgrounds (native speakers, students in an advanced class) in order to establish credibility and this gave me confidence. They also presented added value by offering helpful phrases and dog breeds; and the Mercantes Americanos also stated that they returned the document print-ready (major bonus!) The third letter didn’t do these things but it did teach me about the process of translation and what is involved in order to set itself apart based on quality. The one thing that turned me off about it was the $20 surcharge. I really liked that they explained the value in choosing them (more than word-for-word translations, keeping grammatical conventions) but the surcharge for it bothered me. I would have preferred to just see the bottom line price rather than a surcharge for ‘accuracy”. It did make me question whether the other two groups translated using the same criteria, however! I just assumed that taking those things into consideration (lexical, grammatical, and semantic conventions) were standard. Ultimately, I think the other two companies could benefit from the third one’s approach about mentioning those things to show the added value of their translation. Many people may not understand what goes into this work so a bit of education is always helpful to establish value and confidence. If the three letters could be combined, it would result in a perfect final one!

Which translation do you prefer? Why?
OMG!! This is really hard!  I’m going to choose Mercantes Americanos, but not for the cost. I liked their honesty in the letter, and that they weren’t afraid to admit they were students. I actually felt comfortable knowing they were under the guidance of a teacher and a formal class (even though they are all students, I chose to forget that for the review and treat them all as businesses). Maybe it’s also because our hospital is a teaching hospital and we understand the need for teaching opportunities. I also liked the added value of the dog breeds even though some of them didn’t have an English translation (Alano, Carlino). They also stated that the document was print ready which is a big time saver. The third one (the one without a company name) was appealing, despite being the most highly priced, because their letter showed me value and that is critical in this day and age in setting companies and services apart. Ultimately, it was a tough decision, and we send a big high five to everyone!! Thank you so much!
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Una respuesta a Desafio #3- Traducción

  1. ATR dijo:

    Alberto Troya
    Professor Cipriani
    February 15, 2013
    En la clase de hoy conversamos sobre nuestros blogs. Me gusta mucho la idea de publicar sobre las noticias de algún país. Eso nos da la oportunidad de aprender más vocabulario de negocios y también informarnos de lo que está pasando en otros lugares. También hablamos sobre la FODA que es la Fortaleza, Oportunidad, Debilidades, y Amenazas que no solo es para el blog si no en general. Es muy importante saber sobre la FODA porque ayuda a que una empresa esté preparada de lo que hay que hacer en un blog.


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