FS 313 Entrevistas orales

FS 313

Entrevistas orales




Students will do an oral interview that reflects their knowledge and understanding of (vocabulary, commercial concepts and information, cultural and commercial information from the interviews).


You will meet with the professor in groups of 2 or 3 – groups are assigned. There will be two parts to the interview – 1) the professor will ask each student questions on the information  – this part is individual; 2) then, the professor will give the group a scenario to act out, that will require the use of the vocabulary and information.




La nota:


The interviews will be graded on the following elements:



comprehension of professor and group partner 5%


comprehensibility, clarity 5%


consistent use of Spanish and use of circumlocution 5%


vocabulary 10%


pronunciation 10%


fluency 10%


effective communication of ideas 10%


use of Spanish (grammar, syntax, agreement, etc.) 15%


content – (partner activity) – varied, thorough information, engagement with

partner, questions and responses 15%


content – (individual questions) – knowledge and understanding of chapter

vocabulary and concepts 15%



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