Carta Comercial


Carta comercial

Fecha de entrega (primera versión):



Review the sample business letters in the textbook and in the packets handed out in class, the list of commonly used business letter vocabulary and expressions (handed out in class), and your class notes on how to write a business letter in Spanish (formatting, content, etc.).


You will be attempting to establish a business relationship with one of the companies in your target country which you’ve researched online. You will be offering various services as a consulting firm for expanding their business on the Jersey shore, advising them of the various services offered by your consulting firm (financial advisement, market analysis, local representation in the form of an address and telephone number, marketing, and a description of special consumer needs at the Jersey shore.). ))


You are trying to get their business, and you hope to convince them that you are their best option for consulting services. Introduce yourself and your firm, explain clearly and politely why you are writing and what the purpose of the letter is. Also, be sure to indicate that with the letter you have included a brochure that gives details of the university program, business practices and services offered, and the resumes of key people in your firm.


Follow all the required formatting for a business letter, use a very formal tone in language and vocabulary, and check all grammar and spelling.


Each individual will be responsible for a complete letter, and the group will combine elements to create one letter that will be sent to the company.


Otra información útil:

Information about your firm:

  • Name and logo: (You will create this)
  • Address:
  • Telephone and email: you can create a google voice and email account.


Information about accounting firm:

  • Name:
  • Contact person: Your corresponding secretary

  • Address:

La nota:

The carta comercial will be graded on the following elements:


tone, formality, sophistication 5%

writing style, flow of letter, sophistication 10%

format, structure, organization 10%

vocabulary 15%

use of Spanish (agreement, spelling, etc.) 20%

content (information, clarity, sophistication, conciseness, comprehensibility) 20%

persuasiveness, completeness, expansive and detailed information 20%

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